Attorney Dolghih Discusses Employment Law with North Texas Legal News

Posted By Godwin Bowman & Martinez || Feb 28, 2017

In a recent post for North Texas Legal News, Attorney Leiza Dolghih of Godwin Bowman & Martinez discussed the many different employment-law related bills that currently sit on the plate of representatives in the 85th general session of the Texas Legislature. You can find the full text of the post here. On this blog, Attorney Dolghih gave a brief summary of every bill relating to employment law currently in consideration. She wrote: “While many of them will not become the law of the land, they provide a good insight into what’s on the legislators’ mind. A lot of times, even though a bill won’t pass on the first try, it will be reintroduced and passed during the second or even a third attempt.”

Let’s take a look at a few of the highlights of each type of bill currently being debated and considered.

  • Discrimination: Several bills having to do with discrimination in employment and compensation based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or biological sex are in consideration. HB 258 has to do with awarding state contracts to contractors in other states that have laws on the books which are discriminatory to these individuals.
  • Employee/Family Leave: The State Legislature is considering several bills having to do with paid leave law. However, one that is particularly interesting relates to an employee being given paid leave to obtain an election identification certificate. Voter fraud was a hot topic in this past election, and this law would allow everyone ample time to obtain proper documentation to be eligible to vote.
  • Immigration: A couple of bills are in the Senate that would require state contractors to electronically verify their workers are eligible employees through the state’s E-verify program. One of these bills, if passed, would authorize the suspension of certain licenses if they are found to be employing someone not lawfully authorized to be employed in the state.

Employment law changes frequently, and new regulations and requirements are constantly being added to protect both employers and employees from unjustified practices. At Godwin Bowman & Martinez, we have stood up for the rights of both workers and employers through a wide variety of legal issues. We have proudly represented Fortune 500 companies in high-profile cases during our decorated history which spans more than three decades

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