Blog Posts in May, 2016

  • May 31 2016

    Third Time's the Charm: Remedies Under the Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act

    In this installment of our series detailing the key provisions of the FDTSA, we examine the remedies that the new federal statute gives to Texas businesses whose trade secrets are misappropriated. Damages Under the FDTSA, a trade secret owner may be awarded actual damages, including unjust ...

  • May 23 2016

    Dallas Morning News: Donald E. Godwin and Godwin Bowman & Martinez Defend Diamond Doctor

    In a front page story, the Dallas Morning News featured Godwin Bowman & Martinez Chairman & CEO, Donald E. Godwin and his defense of The Diamond Doctor. The article details what's behind the Facebook posts and highway billboards slamming this Dallas business. Click here to get the full story.

  • May 17 2016

    Third Time's the Charm: How the Seizure Provision of the Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act Will Operate

    For the past four weeks we have discussed the FDTSA as it moved through Congress. On May 11, 2016, President Obama finally signed the FDTSA into law. One of its most talked about features is the ex parte civil seizure provision, which is unprecedented in the world of trade secrets law, as none of ...

  • May 11 2016

    Third Time's the Charm: How the Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act Will Benefit Texas Companies

    We have previously written about the FDTSA, describing its outline , citing its differences from Texas law and, detailing its Whistleblower protections . Now that the Act is just a Presidential signature away from becoming law, we will look at how the FDTSA will benefit Texas companies. Uniform ...

  • May 10 2016

    Electronic Discovery, Including Social Media, Preservation and Sanctions

    Our team at Godwin Bowman & Martinez wants to make sure our clients are aware of their rights and options. Learn more about electronic discovery, including social media, preservation, and sanctions. View our slideshow below:

  • May 6 2016

    Trade Secrets Litigation: Q&A with Leiza Dolghih

    Q: What is trade secrets litigation? A: In Texas, a company's whose trade secrets are stolen or taken by improper means can bring a legal claim against the thief, called a trade secrets misappropriation claim. Texas defines trade secrets very broadly. Customer lists, pricing, manufacturing designs, ...

  • May 4 2016

    Third Time's the Charm Part III: The Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act's Whistleblower Protection

    Update: We are pleased to report that both the House and the Senate have passed the FDTSA and it is on its way to President Obama for his promised signature of the Senate version of the bill. Now, back to whistleblowers…. Over the past two weeks, we have discussed what the Federal Defend Trade ...