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  • Donald E. Godwin

    Donald E. Godwin

    Donald E. Godwin is considered one of the most respected and tenacious trial lawyers in Texas. For nearly 40 years Don has tried significant jury cases in courts throughout Texas and across the United States. He has the ability to translate complex matters of law and fact into easily understandable language for courts and juries. Don's practice covers a broad range of areas with an emphasis on complex litigation, including oil and gas, environmental, fiduciary duties, will contests, major family law disputes and business torts. He has been the Lead Trial Lawyer in the Firm's successful defense of Halliburton in connection with all civil litigation and investigations concerning BP's Macondo well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico.

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  • Bruce W. Bowman, Jr.

    Bruce W. Bowman, Jr.

    With numerous years of experience, Bruce Bowman, Jr. is a talented litigator and skilled defender. He has handled cases for both plaintiffs and defendants in business disputes and other legal matters. Bruce has successfully litigated cases in state and federal courts and holds a strong track record. He has tried hundreds of cases all the way through to verdict and providing mediation in numerous other cases, even appealing cases through the U.S. Supreme Court. As a board certified civil trial lawyer, he boasts more than 45 years of legal experience.

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  • Jenny L. Martinez

    Jenny L. Martinez

    Representing both plaintiffs and defendants, Jenny Martinez has a firm grasp on business dispute resolution. Her practice includes handling cases that involve banking, insurance, real estate, and various other matters. Jenny has more than 15 years of experience and is a dedicated, driven legal advocate. She cares about achieving the best possible results for her clients, no matter what side of the courtroom or negotiations they are on. Over the years, Jenny has represented non-profit religious organizations, financial institutions, insurance companies, and even a healthcare company. She is well-versed in the laws surrounding these types of case and can provide reliable representation.

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  • Shawn M. McCaskill

    Shawn M. McCaskill

    Providing representation for appellate cases, Shawn McCaskill is an experienced, well-versed attorney. He also has a background in handling business contracts, medical malpractice claims, and various other litigation matters. Shawn holds more than 15 years of legal experience and is qualified to take on even the most complex cases in his field. He is board certified in civil appellate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has been recognized time and time again for his exceptional level of legal services. Shawn was selected for inclusion in numerous top attorney lists for both the state of Texas and the Dallas area.

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  • Ira Bowman

    Ira Bowman

    Ira Bowman is well-versed in resolving complex commercial disputes and various other legal matters. He has helped clients navigate cases in state and federal courts. Ira is highly skilled in handling business torts, fraud cases, contract disputes, and commercial and business litigation issues. He is also passionate about guiding families through complex legal situations, providing counsel for family law and divorce cases. Additionally, Ira offers counsel for mediation and arbitration, ensuring his clients’ rights are safeguarded every step of the way. He has been given numerous awards and honors over the years, demonstrating not only his legal skill, but his commitment to providing excellent service to his clients.

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  • Laci S. Bowman

    Laci S. Bowman

    Tackling a variety of family law matters, Laci S. Bowman is a reliable, caring, and dedicated attorney. She primarily handles cases involving pre-martial agreements, divorce, child custody issues, and a range of other legal matters. Laci is board certified in family law and a strong advocate for the collaborative law process. In addition to representing family law clients, she also provides counsel and assistance in commercial litigation cases. She is very driven to uphold a standard of excellence, no matter what legal matters she is resolving for her clients. Laci has been honored with numerous legal recognitions and continues to deliver personalized representation and counsel.

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  • George R. Carlton, Jr.

    George R. Carlton, Jr.

    As one of the founding members of Godwin Bowman & Martinez, George Carlton brings an impressive three decades of experience to the firm. In that time, he has handled countless oil field cases, construction accident claims, and various other legal matters. George is seasoned in handling all type of injury and wrongful death claims. He has litigated property damage cases, toxic torts, and even product liability cases. George’s background, experience, and courtroom success has earned him the respect and admiration of his peers and clients. He has frequently received awards and recognitions over the years for his legal work and continues to pursue a higher level of excellence.

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  • Elisaveta

    Elisaveta "Leiza" Dolghih

    Elisaveta "Leiza" Dolghih is a seasoned legal advocate. Over the years, Ms. Dolghih has provided representation for all sizes of businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and even individuals facing complex commercial and employment litigation. With experience on both sides of employment law cases, she is equipped to give her clients insightful, understanding counsel. Ms. Dolghih uses her background to quickly and effectively assess each case she takes on. From breach of contract to wage and hour disputes, she is prepared to guide her clients through any type of legal issue.

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  • James E. Johanns

    James E. Johanns

    With a strong emphasis on resolving commercial litigation matters, James Johanns knows how to navigate complex contract, environmental liability, and contract dispute issues. He has provided representation to both defendants and plaintiffs, handling cases at the trial and appellate level in Texas. James currently serves on the firm’s Halliburton team as they work on any litigation and investigations involving the BP Macondo well blowout. He is backed by more than a decade of experience and strong track record of success. James has also been recognized for his legal abilities, commitment to clients, and case results with several awards and honors.

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  • Robert J. McGuire

    Robert J. McGuire

    Robert McGuire is a dedicated legal professional who provides counsel for a wide range of legal matters. He has experience in estate planning matters, estate tax planning, trust creation, and estate administration. Robert’s insightful counsel has helped countless individuals put invaluable plans in place to safeguard their legacies. With a litigation background, he is able to give his estate planning clients a strategic level of support and guidance as they strive to craft plans that limit the risk of contention. Robert prides himself on being responsive, helpful, and personal when it comes to interacting with his clients. He understands that estate planning and probate matters can be sensitive in nature, which is why he is always ready to offer caring, compassionate guidance.

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  • Carolyn Raines

    Carolyn Raines

    As a key member of the team at Godwin Bowman & Martinez, Carolyn Raines represents clients in litigation, negotiation, and corporate governance matters. She has more than 20 years of legal experience and has managed countless cases involving complex litigation and sophisticated business issues over those two decades. Carolyn prides herself on utilizing innovative and creative thinking to achieve favorable results for her clients. Throughout her career, Carolyn has represented numerous clients in significant legal matters, providing counsel in cases that went before both state and federal courts. She also handles contract claims, foreclosures, real estate investment matters, partnership agreements, and various other types of legal matters.

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  • Sidney H. Scheinberg

    Sidney H. Scheinberg

    Sidney H. Scheinberg is a Dallas attorney who handles complex and critical legal matters. His main areas of focus include business litigation and bankruptcy filings. Within these fields, he has honed his legal skills through the representation of secured creditors. Some of his past clients have included Wells Fargo, Honda, GM Financial, Hyundai, and various other well-known companies and associations. Sidney has also taught several courses on bankruptcy law and appeared frequently as a speaker for legal meetings. With nearly 30 years of proven experience, his legal abilities are sharp and rooted in his commitment to secure successful outcomes for clients.

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  • Todd Shadle

    Todd Shadle

    In his nearly 20 years of legal experience, Todd Shadle has honed his skills in the area of labor and employment law. Todd is board certified in labor and employment law, further equipping him to take on these types of cases. He has provided counsel for numerous clients over the years, assisting with the preparation of policies and litigation in that time. In addition to employment and labor law issues, Todd also serves clients facing complex litigation in relation to data governance issues and data breaches. He has been recognized for his exceptional legal services with numerous awards and honors over the years.

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  • Israel R. Silvas

    Israel R. Silvas

    Providing personalized representation and counsel, Israel R. Silvas ensures his clients’ rights and best interests are safeguarded every step of their cases. He handles complex litigation disputes, such as those involving oil and gas laws, deceptive trade practices, securities, and various other legal issues. Mr. Silvas is also well-versed in multi-district litigation and class action lawsuits, bringing more than a decade of proven insight and experience to these cases. He has been recognized numerous times as an up-and-coming lawyer in the state of Texas and prides himself on continually delivering a superior level of service to his clients.

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  • Alison Battiste

    Alison Battiste

    With extensive experience in commercial litigation, Alison Battiste is committed to resolving her clients’ legal concerns favorably and efficiently. She has a background in providing counsel for a large investment bank and several international law firms, equipping her with a vast range of knowledge in regards to complex business matters. Alison has been recognized for her legal skill and ability to achieve fair outcomes and masterful results for the organizations and companies she represents. She is also a strong advocate for women and children in her community. As a well-rounded professional, Alison is a powerful component of the Godwin Bowman & Martinez team.

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  • Stefanie Major McGregor

    Stefanie Major McGregor

    Focusing her practice on litigation issues in the commercial world, Stefanie McGregor is a passionate, highly-skilled legal advocate. She has resolved cases before both state and federal courts, zealously representing plaintiffs and defendants in that time. Stefanie was a key member of the Godwin Bowman & Martinez Halliburton team in all civil litigation and governmental investigations regarding the BP well blowout (Deepwater Horizon). Stefanie's past experience includes clerking for the Louisiana Supreme Court, equipping her with unique insight and experience. She is a dedicated representative, who has been frequently recognized for her legal skills.

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  • Courtney P. Clay

    Courtney P. Clay

    Courtney Clay is an Associate in the Dallas office of Godwin Bowman & Martinez. Her primary area of practice is family law. She represents clients in a variety of family law matters including divorce, pre-marital agreements, and suits affecting parent-child relationship.
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  • Alex Cleeter

    Alex Cleeter

    Alex Cleeter is an Associate in the Dallas office of Texas Law Firm Godwin Bowman & Martinez serving clients in state courts. His primary area of practice is commercial litigation. Currently, Alex focuses on discovery matters in large commercial litigation settings.

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  • Aaron B. Gottlieb

    Aaron B. Gottlieb

    Representing clients out of our Dallas Offices, Aaron Gottlieb has honed his skills in the area of bankruptcy law. Specifically, he represents creditors to ensure they get the fair treatment and recovery they are owed under the Bankruptcy Code. Prior to this, Aaron provided legal representation to debtors. This gives him a unique and informed understanding of the laws surrounding these types of cases. In addition to bankruptcy matters, Aaron has also taken on cases involving commercial litigation, business formation, and various other corporate matters.

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  • Roxanne  Hajikhani

    Roxanne Hajikhani

    Roxanne Hajikhani is an Associate in the Dallas office of Godwin Bowman & Martinez. Her primary area of practice is commercial litigation. Roxanne received her J.D., with honors, from Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law and graduated from the University of Houston Honors College with a B.B.A., cum laude, in Finance.

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  • Michael A. Holmes

    Michael A. Holmes

    Michael A. Holmes represents both plaintiffs and defendants in business and commercial disputes involving contracts, securities, trusts and probate, banking, employment, energy, and environmental issues in Texas state and federal court. An Associate in Godwin Bowman & Martinez's Dallas offices, Mr. Holmes has represented numerous clients in pre-litigation negotiations, alternate dispute resolution, and trial proceedings across Texas.

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  • Heather L. Winkles

    Heather L. Winkles

    Heather L. Winkles is an Associate attorney at Godwin Bowman & Martinez, based in the Firm's Dallas office, representing creditors across the state of Texas with a results-oriented focus. The emphasis of Heather's practice is on efficient collateral recovery for automotive finance companies and national banking associations.

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